Veronica Hyland

Hi I’m Veronica Hyland and have a small legal practice that focuses on personal efficient service for my clients. If you want to find out more about us and the work we do, you should find it here. I do hope you find this website useful and informative.

Usually people call in for a short session and after hearing what’s outlined I will advise on the possible outcomes, timelines and fees that may be involved. At that point you can decide whether or not to avail of my services.

We think we are honest, straightforward and we aim to be very good at what we do. Ultimately, however, our job is to serve you and to do a good job for you. I think we are a little different.

You can talk to me any time and if you would like to speak to me about any issue, I can be contacted at (061) 325 393. I hope you enjoy your visit to our website.